Week two with the Epicodus interns

Posted on Fri, June 15, 2018 in GRAYBOX News by Anna-Marie Cooper

​Our second week started off with a clear outline from Paul for the time-audit-automation project that we have been assigned. Dan, Mark, and Kerri contributed to the outline, which helped us organize a project plan and divide up the tasks between us. This entailed a lot of background research on various tools and technologies. Neither of us were familiar with the tech stack MAMP, MySQL, Jira, or most of PHP outside of what we saw in week one.

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Hello from the New Graybox Interns

Posted on Mon, June 11, 2018 in GRAYBOX News by Anna-Marie Cooper

On Monday, we started our eight week internship here at Graybox after finishing up at Epicodus - a local coding bootcamp. Our program was spent studying Ruby, Rails, Angular, and Javascript. However, the developers here at Graybox work primarily in PHP using the Symfony framework. Both of us walked in knowing that there would most likely be a very steep learning curve, and expected to be thrown into the deep end. However, members of the Graybox made themselves available for questions and were very supportive.

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