Web Applications

We build web apps that align with your business goals and drives success - no matter what kind of app you need

You Dream It, We Build It

Web apps are a specialty of ours – they represent the majority of what we do for our clients. Success of a web app hinges on how it helps your business, so that’s where we start – GRAYBOX takes a holistic approach to their creation. We look at business goals and metrics to see how the app can support our clients’ goals and feed into other digital systems.

We build a web app to meet the needs of your company – it can take any shape and perform nearly any functions that you might need. For example, it could add value for your users leading to increased engagement and loyalty. It could empower your users to perform their own secure and complex functions through your web app anywhere and anytime, reducing staff support hours.

GRAYBOX also builds apps that are interwoven with ERP and CRM systems that will have significant positive impact on conversion rates and sale figures. GRAYBOX creates ecommerce web apps that bring customers into your digital store anytime they pull out their phone or get online – exponentially expanding your customer base.

Client collaboration is paramount for us – we make achieving your goals and challenges our mission. You dream, we build. Tell us your business goals – we can create a sophisticated web app that helps your business reach the next level of success.

  • Align with Business Goals
    The web apps we build are directly informed by the needs of your business – we design solutions.

  • Code Agnostic
    We are technology agnostic and don’t limit ourselves to any one coding language – we use the one that best serves the project needs.

  • An App Could Be Anything
    Web apps can be virtually anything – including an extension of your ecommerce experience, brand loyalty efforts, provide customer service, and more.

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