Support & Maintenance

You’ve invested countless hours and dollars into your digital solution. But without proper support and maintenance it can’t perform optimally.

How can we help? We’ve got your back.

Helpfulness is our top core value at GRAYBOX. If you have a website or app that needs to be adopted, we’re happy to partner with you wherever you’re currently at. Within a few days we can take over your site and provide dedicated support and maintenance.

If necessary, we coordinate with your current developers to manage the adoption transition and quickly get up to speed on anything special that needs fixing – whether your site is still in development or its live.

GRAYBOX is technology agnostic – we don’t subscribe to only one development language and can take over management no matter what platform your site is written in. Everything in the digital world needs a gameplan to provide support, security and monitoring. We are very familiar with solving a wide range of issues that might be happening to your current site.

Give us a call today and let’s talk about what’s not currently going well. We’re here to help!

  • Website Adoption
    If your site or app seems unloved by your current developers we’d love to adopt it. We’ll handle the transfer and provide ongoing support, security and monitoring.

  • Dedicated Support Team
    We have a full-time team dedicated to handling support issues. Our goal is 48 hour response for normal issues, less than 24 hours for anything urgent.

  • Proactive Partners
    We track the security of all sites after launch, maintain payment compliance requirements, and keep things up to date.

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