Shopify comes ready to rock! You can get started quick and you can get started with very little know-how. But Shopify’s full power is unleashed when in the hands of experts.

We help you harness the full power of Shopify.

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform for newer or simpler brands to get off the ground running quickly. However, by adjusting code and configurations within the platform, or through taking advantage of a wide variety of third-party plugins, we can greatly extend the core functionality.

More than 300,000 merchants sell on Shopify and drive the creation of an extensive list of design themes we can choose from. Using a design theme (or customizing one) instead of building from scratch can save considerable project hours on your site build. Instead, GRAYBOX can put these saved hours to work writing custom integrations, adding functionalities and marketing your business.

Out of the box, Shopify’s extensive integration capabilities connect it with some of the top names in ecommerce logistics. Third-party plugins and custom code can further tailor functionality to more precisely support your company’s team and operation.

GRAYBOX is a powerhouse when it comes to building Shopify ecommerce sites and developing marketing strategies driven by a deep understanding and of your business operations.

  • Low Barrier of Entry, Huge Potential
    By capitalizing on their vast plugin library and optimizing the site’s theme and configuration, we maximize Shopify’s potential. Once set-up, the back-end is easy to work with, even for low-tech administrators.

  • Abundance of Design Themes
    Shopify is widely used and a huge variety of themes have been designed which we can immediately apply to your website, saving budget hours for other things.

  • Extensive Integrations
    Out of the box, it integrates with a handful of the most commonly used payment gateways, fulfillment services and accounting tools.

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