We build sophisticated, custom ecommerce solutions that grow with your company. Get as complex as you want, and we’ll take you there with Magento.

If you want it, we can build it.

We are strategic partners who leverage a deep understanding of your business to ensure your ecommerce site investment offers a worthwhile ROI.

Magento gives us the power and flexibility to craft a website that grows as your company grows, and integrates seamlessly with your other enterprise systems. It offers multiple ways of tying into your business so we can connect it to everything else in your world from ERP and fulfillment, to marketing and finance. Magento also supports catalogs with hundreds of thousands of products without sacrificing usability or site performance.

At GRAYBOX we believe in using the best tool for the job. Magento affords us the ability to build you a site that exactly matches your needs. There are a considerable set of tools that come with Magento straight out of the box, there are many existing extensions that third-party developers have built, and then if we still can’t find what you need, GRAYBOX can custom build one for you.

Magento’s advanced segmentation lets us gather customer usage patterns and group data to gain an in-depth understanding of your audience. This level of control and power easily makes Magento a great value in enterprise ecommerce systems.

  • Build for the Long-Term
    Enterprise-ready sophistication means the site can grow with you for years to come and support large catalogs.

  • Customized Exactly For Your Business
    Recommend related products, offer intuitive product grid filters, and personalize the shopping experience to optimize engagement with customers.

  • Optimize the Checkout Experience
    Advanced segmentation lets you discover and test how to improve conversion rates.

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