We love ExpressionEngine for our clients — it's everything you want in a content management system. It's powerful, flexible and easy to use. It deftly handles sites, apps and ecommerce with ease.

You can have both flexibility and power.

ExpressionEngine is our go-to content management system (CMS) for unique or complicated sites where we don’t want to sacrifice ease of use.

We like to say that ExpressionEngine is not actually a CMS — it's a construction set to build a unique workflow management system to meet your business needs. There are no fundamental assumptions or templated workflows that your business has to work within. Drupal and Wordpress are better for more straightforward sites, but ExpressionEngine leads the pack for complex sites.

Since ExpressionEngine is built on top of regular PHP and the CodeIgnitor framework, we have 100% code access to run functionality at three levels — PHP, CodeIgnitor or inside ExpressionEngine itself. The addition of CodeIgnitor also means an even bigger community of developers and a larger feature set. Building in ExpressionEngine is more efficient than ever due to the vast and growing number of reusable PHP components.

If you need something powerful to run your unique business requirements, GRAYBOX can help. ExpressionEngine is a fantastic choice – it’s stable, secure and robust.
  • Easy To Manage
    The admin panel is easy for non-technical folks to use, even with with large volumes of content. It can also be adjusted to support your workflow. Hello, intuitive interface.
  • Conflict-Free Design
    Standard HTML templates can be extended to benefit from ExpressionEngine functionality. Empower designers; eliminate system conflicts.
  • Built From Scratch
    First we ask how you want it to work, then we design a system that matches your workflow. Complex permissions can be set to restrict user access.
  • Robust and Powerful
    Manage large-scale web apps or a high-traffic site without breaking a sweat.

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