Drupal is the central powerhouse of open-source content management. It comes ready and equipped to power websites both big and small. We know how to take advantage of all it’s strengths and customize it to suit any needs or configurations.


Drupal is our go-to CMS (Content Management System) whenever we have an informational-based site with moderate complexity now, but advanced features coming in the future. It’s ability to easily scale up is super helpful for businesses who need to build buzz ASAP, like start-ups or product launches. The platform is beloved by both developers and clients for its ease of management. Drupal 8, released earlier this year, just saw the platform get stronger.

Drupal is 100% open-source, supported by an engaged online developer community. With the addition of Symfony to the core code of the platform, Drupal has benefited from an expanded developer community and feature set. This means more developers to choose from, and increased functionality and efficiency.

Drupal gives developers access to three distinct areas for our applications to run — Drupal's core application, PHP and Symfony (the PHP framework upon which Drupal is built). This streamlines the extensibility of the platform, allowing folks like GRAYBOX to simply add on some helpful features or to go big and build an enormous, powerful site if that is your need.

Drupal is powerful and robust – yet relatively quick and inexpensive to setup and maintain. If what you need is a website today, it's our top recommendation for a CMS.
  • Get Organized
    Easy to use for non-technical folks, even with tons of content. You won’t get lost in a sea of nested menus.

  • Manageable By Your Team
    Once built, your designer and front-end developer can edit the site with minimal technical support.

  • Expandable Structure
    It's designed to be modified, so you can adjust the content types, layouts, templates and functionality as needed. This increases efficiency and enables non-technical folks to contribute.

  • Now and Later
    If necessary, Drupal’s quick start ability lets us get up a basic web presence pronto while we work on adding application features to launch later.

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