Prioritize sales activities. Qualify and follow up on leads. Make informed sales decisions.

Gain a complete picture of your customers.

You may be using a CRM tool and find yourself thinking - now what? Like many sophisticated digital tools, a CRM is not going to run itself. Your CRM will function at it’s fullest potential only after it’s set up and optimized to meet the needs of your sales team and business.

Once dialed in, your CRM becomes an integrated hub that serves up a cohesive ecosystem of data that can lead a digital transformation of your business. A CRM is often the core of this system because it touches so many aspects of your business.

GRAYBOX’s business consultants work closely with your sales team to set up and optimize your CRM. Once your staff and processes are supported by this powerful business tool your employees will be empowered to function at their top performance levels and management will gain eyes on previously hidden parts of your business.

  • 360 Degree View of Customers
    Tie together marketing data, website data, and transactional data to paint a complete picture of who your customers are so you can better service them.

  • Hub of Business Data
    Your CRM is a repository for a wealth of data about your customers and company. It puts business data at your fingertips for informed strategic business decisions.

  • Stay on Top of Leads
    We’ll set automated reminders and build custom reports to help your sales team decide who to follow up with and when.

  • Customer Support & Retention
    By setting up your CRM to reflect your sales and support process, you can set alert triggers for customer interactions that require special attention.

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