Brand Strategy

As people, we are drawn to individuals who feel authentic. As customers, we demand the same from companies.

The right brand strategy helps you say the right thing, to the right person, in the right way, at the right time.

As a digital technology consulting firm, we find brand strategy strengthens any project, from web development to business operations consulting. If you’re not making a compelling case for why a customer should give you their business, you’re not going to succeed. Brand strategy gets to the essence of not only what makes your company different, but helps communicate this story in a voice and tone that feels authentic and is memorable to your audience.

We work with our clients to delve into who the customer is and their decision-making process. It’s important for companies to understand the criteria that potential customers are evaluating them by. We develop user personas that define the audience and guide content development. This results in a user experience that anticipates the needs of the individual – ultimately leading to happy users that convert into customers.

GRAYBOX takes the time to define and develop your brand strategy at the beginning of any GRAYBOX project, you save time and money because all subsequent efforts are more targeted.

  • Differentiate or Die
    We uncover your unique selling points and leverage them to boost you above the competition according to the criteria that matter for your customers.

  • Be Memorable
    A unique and authentic brand story is your best weapon against drowning in the collective shouts of your competitors. People remember stories, not bullet points.

  • Customers Are People Too
    By defining your target audiences via user personas, we reveal how to speak their language and connect with them in meaningful ways.

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