B2B (Business-to-Business) Ecommerce

Don’t Underestimate B2B Ecommerce

B2B customers are consumers with more sophisticated decision-making criteria.

GRAYBOX consultants are an inquisitive bunch. We delight in digging deep to gain an in-depth understanding of your particular business challenges and what strategies and digital solutions would be best. We’d love to nerd out on the specific needs and requirements of selling in your B2B marketing vertical – bring it on!

Your B2B ecommerce site creates an experience for your customers and its design is just as important as any consumer ecommerce website. User paths must be intuitive. The brand experience should be engaging and immersive. Leads should be nudged along to conversions.

GRAYBOX has boatloads of back office experience so we take a holistic systems approach to B2B ecommerce. Our solutions are proactive and enable you to do things like identify upsell opportunities, enable quick reordering, spot buyer patterns, and predict sales trends.

  • We Don’t Underestimate B2B
    B2B shoppers are discerning, want information quickly, and can command big buying power.

  • Thoughtful UX Design
    Design should inspire the brand experience you want for your customers.

  • Powerful Insights
    A well-designed B2B ecommerce solution means you can know what customer behaviors are – you don’t have to guess.

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