Web Applications

Portably based in your browser, GRAYBOX web applications deliver advanced capabilities.

Power + convenience

We left the mainframe world behind for ever more capable personal computers … only to find ourselves using our overpowered processors to mostly open web pages.

Your users increasingly treat their desktops and laptops like clients, opening a browser to check email, compose documents, and manage finances.

GRAYBOX web application development nests advanced programming in browser-friendly containers.

The main advantages are powerful software features without installation, cross-platform compatibility, and easy access from any connected browser.

Real Power

Use custom web apps to offer remote access, advanced database queries, complicated ordering, and creative work.

User Friendly

Your audience will appreciate never having to update local software and accessing you on any connected computer.

Serious Compatibility

Web applications work for users on any operating system and modern browser, including Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

Our Digital Production Process


Determine your business needs for website function, mobility, and style. GRAYBOX helps you hone your vision.


Design the look and develop the underlying tech that will support your content, appeal to your audience, and produce the best results.


Put everything in front of real people to see what happens. GRAYBOX websites exceed user expectations and adapt to future needs.

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