Interactive Development

GRAYBOX brings your site to life with advanced animation and cutting-edge interactivity.

Respond in real time

Interactive design makes browsing your site more like a conversation — it builds a bond between you and visitor by reacting to their presence and actions.

Bringing interaction to life requires special design and programming in ecosystems like Flash, Flex or Silverlight.

GRAYBOX uses these platforms to empower on-the-fly layout changes, smooth animations, and interactive experiences where users call the shots with mouse, keys, and fingers.

Impressive Looks

Engage your audience emotionally and intellectually with sites that respond to them.

Expert Designers

GRAYBOX designers have experience with from-scratch interactive features and can make updates to your current assets.

Natural Input

Interactive design allows users to intuitively control elements with traditional input or touch input.

Our Digital Production Process


Determine your business needs for website function, mobility, and style. GRAYBOX helps you hone your vision.


Design the look and develop the underlying tech that will support your content, appeal to your audience, and produce the best results.


Put everything in front of real people to see what happens. GRAYBOX websites exceed user expectations and adapt to future needs.

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