Windows Phone Apps

GRAYBOX apps capitalize on this growing market's unique look and business features.

Why Go Native?

Windows Phone is a newer gamit for Microsoft, but we’re a fan of its eye-catching metro interface. Ties to core Microsoft enterprise products also give it a boost in enterprise business environments.

A native Windows Phone app is faster, easier to launch, and gives you unique access to platform & hardware features like Live Tiles.

Tapping an icon to reach your brand is just the first way that an app forges a quick and strong connection with your audience, leading to better engagement and more conversions.

GRAYBOX builds native Windows Phone apps that are rock solid and offer a first-class mobile experience.

Faster Performance

Get closer to the hardware by skipping the overhead of a mobile browser. Integration with key features like maps and calendar is seamless and quick.

Consistent Experience

Native apps take advantage of the unique interface of Windows Phone. Your app fits in, remembers user settings, and is backed up with everything else.

Easy Interaction

The interface works how people like — tapping, swiping, and pinching make it easier to browse more, connect more, and purchase more.

Our Windows Development Process


Define the priorities of your users so we can plan how to best use Windows Mobile’s unique look and features to engage with them.


We design a native app that looks the part to meet the high expectations of your demanding audience.


We build and test the app’s speed and compatibility to ensure users get the capability they need from a program that just works.

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