iOS Apps

Make new fans by giving Apple aficionados a native app that looks good and just works.

Why Go Native?

Using an iPhone or iPad leads to big expectations: Everything looks great, seems simple, and just works.

You want this audience. More than 50% of mobile traffic comes from iOS devices, and users make more purchases.

After easy App Store installation, your native app is just a tap away, forging a strong connection that increases engagement with your business.

GRAYBOX builds native iOS apps that are rock solid and give the legion of Apple fans a premier experience with your brand.

Faster Performance

Launch quicker and run faster by skipping the overhead of a mobile browser.

Luxury Experience

Native apps take advantage of Apple’s own innovation and revolutionary design, integrating elegantly with calendar, maps, and other systems.

Easy Interaction

Tapping, swiping, and pinching make it easier to browse more, connect more, and purchase more.

Our iOS Development Process


Define the priorities of Apple users and outline how the iOS ecosystem can uniquely inform aesthetics and capabilities.


We design a native app that works right and looks sweet to best serve your audience on their chosen iPhone or iPad.


We build and test the app’s speed, compatibility and functional compliance to get your App approved in the App Store.

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