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Your customers deserve a capable app that plays nice on the most popular mobile platform.

Adapt to Android

Google’s experiment now rules half of smartphones. Give Android phone and tablet users a native option that works like the rest of their favorite apps.

Users prefer native apps on their mobile devices, starting with an easy install through Android’s Play store.

Then a dedicated icon keeps you in mind, and a familiar interface makes it easier for customers to browse, search, and buy.

GRAYBOX builds native mobile apps that perform better than a browser and give Android fans a first-rate experience.

Faster Performance

Launch quicker and run faster by skipping the overhead of a mobile browser.

Full Compatibility

Device makers mutate Android to fit their needs, but GRAYBOX builds Android apps that deliver on the most versions.

Easy Interaction

Tapping, swiping, and pinching make it easy to browse more, connect more, and buy more.

Our Android Development Process


Define the priorities of Android users and outline how aesthetics and capabilities can uniquely fit the platform.


We design a native Android app that works best and looks like it belongs on the home screen of your audience.


We build and test the app’s speed, functions and version compatibility to make your brand available to the most users possible.

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