Social Media Marketing

Have a brand story worth sharing, because loyal fans are your best online friends.

Lasting friendships

Social media gives people a reason to care about your story and the chance to share their own.

This likeable, Tweet-able, shareable engagement strengthens your current relationships and attracts new attention via personal recommendations.

Social networks demand new savviness in campaigns and personal investment in interaction. Your presence is essential, but we can help you figure out how deeply you wish to dive.

GRAYBOX integrates social presence into your overall digital strategy to drive conversation and cultivate your fans’ ground-level PR.

Simplify Social

The best social marketing has a personal touch, but GRAYBOX streamlines the myriad outlets demanding your attention.

Build Your Brand

GRAYBOX helps you write the emotional pitch for your brand, translating traditional ads into new media networking.

Deepen Relationships

Showing you care can turn occasional customers into loyal fans more likely to make repeat purchases.

Our Marketing Process


Evaluating your past marketing efforts helps identify the best bang for your buck.


Search and email campaigns direct people to your optimized website, fancy storefront, and social media.


We track the results to tweak campaigns, record conversions, and optimize your next round.

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