Search Engine Optimization

Good content is good for nothing unless people can find you. Great SEO puts you at the top of the list.

Get ready for guests

Your company is valuable to the people seeking out your cause or product or service.

But if the audience can’t find you, they’ll quickly become someone else’s problem — And what a nice problem to have!

Search Engine Optimization goes beyond writing to systematic formatting and special fields and tags that give hints to automated search crawlers.

GRAYBOX prepares your website to receive all the traffic it deserves. When our client makes artisan furniture in Portland, people who Google fancy furniture makers are going to find our client.

Quality Content

Optimization doesn’t mean robotic repetition of high-level phrases. We ensure your authentic content is speaking the same language as search users.

Free Traffic

With a search engine-optimized site, you rely less on paid search to be found.

No Worries

GRAYBOX keeps up with all the SEO shifts. When Google flips its policies, you won’t have to flip out.

Our Marketing Process


Evaluating your past marketing efforts helps identify the best bang for your buck.


Search and email campaigns direct people to your optimized website, fancy storefront, and social media.


We track the results to tweak campaigns, record conversions, and optimize your next round.

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