Search Engine & Display Ads

Place your brand alongside popular search results and maximize your budget with untapped terms.

Let searchers see you

People head to search engines first for just about any online mission.

Search engine advertising displays content for your site above organic search results.

But you only want to be present when your site is related to the person’s search terms, where they’re likely to be interested and become a conversion.

GRAYBOX builds pay-per-click search engine ad campaigns for Google and other popular platforms. The art is in identifying targeted terms that are highly relevant but not highly priced.

Narrow Targets

Search engine advertising drives high conversions because the audience has already demonstrated interest.

Researched Terms

GRAYBOX incorporates targeted keywords to weed out irrelevant searches and unlikely sales.

Affordable Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns can scale for any budget, and GRAYBOX search specialists identify overlooked terms that give you greater value.

Our Marketing Process


Evaluating your past marketing efforts helps identify the best bang for your buck.


Search and email campaigns direct people to your optimized website, fancy storefront, and social media.


We track the results to tweak campaigns, record conversions, and optimize your next round.

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