Email Marketing

Email ranks as the most effective channel, so give your people a reason to keep reading.

You’ve got gold!

Emailed marketing messages are viewed the most, and the audience tends to have open ears, making it perfect for any announcement or call to action.

But you can’t just hit send and call it good. Email is an art form where frequency, personalization, segmentation, and focus all have a big impact.

GRAYBOX helps you build a subscriber base and send them effective incentives that produce results. We turn your list of users into a key channel that drives conversions.

Email Done Right

Start using email marketing with your existing lists, or fix your process to improve conversion rates.

Expert Management

GRAYBOX moderates messaging or guides you in the careful timing and content of newsletters.

Treat Them Right

People may hit unsubscribe for minor reasons. GRAYBOX guidance helps keep them in the loop.

Our Marketing Process


Evaluating your past marketing efforts helps identify the best bang for your buck.


Search and email campaigns direct people to your optimized website, fancy storefront, and social media.


We track the results to tweak campaigns, record conversions, and optimize your next round.

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