Affiliate Marketing

Let others help you market on commission with persuasive content you provide.

Accountable Leads

Affiliate Marketing puts diverse outlets to work for your advertising goals.

People see your ad or content on their favorite websites that are in an affiliated network.

When the right viewer finds you irresistible, they click to complete an action or purchase and become a conversion.

The system tracks customer source and action, so you pay the agreed commission only when an affiliate delivers a real conversion that you find valuable.

Simple Setup

GRAYBOX guides you in choosing a trustworthy affiliate network and setting up campaigns.

Your Message

You control the content, which can be a simple box ad or a complex advertorial.

Cost-Effective Results

Conversions are accountable and traceable, so you see exactly the benefit each time you pay an affiliate.

Our Marketing Process


Evaluating your past marketing efforts helps identify the best bang for your buck.


Search and email campaigns direct people to your optimized website, fancy storefront, and social media.


We track the results to tweak campaigns, record conversions, and optimize your next round.

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