System Integration

Save time, money, and energy by setting up systems that play well together.

Systems should share

Like people, an individual business system may be specialized, excelling at one task but not that great at another.

Your accounting, ecommerce, and Customer Relationship Management systems were chosen for a particular business activity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cooperate.

Without proper integration, your business systems can’t communicate, and you’ll be stuck playing courier between each database, taking up valuable time and introducing opportunities for error.

By eliminating repetitive data entry and having customers exist across systems, your people are free to focus on high-value work.

But you probably don’t have the luxury of starting from scratch. GRAYBOX has the expertise to untangle the mess and design an elegant solution that works together and works well.

Ubiquitous Info

Ensure your data is available in all of your systems. A customer in your CRM solution is the same customer seen by your accounting suite and ecommerce site.

Eliminate Errors

Take the human factor out of the equation, and let the computer pass data between different systems. Integrations allow the same process to happen in exactly the same way every time, without interruptions or typos.

Employee Efficiency

Free employees from tediously moving data between systems, and they’ll have more time for customer support, reporting, order fulfillment, and just getting more done.

Our System Integration Process


Understand how each system stores data, takes action, and relates to your other systems.


Use your map to develop paths for frictionless data flow and cooperation between systems.


Ensure systems stay synced and proactively monitor to catch and correct any inconsistencies.

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