Order Fulfillment

A sale is just the start: GRAYBOX logistics get you to the finish line and ready for more.

Pick fast, pick right

You’ve accomplished the first step, and someone has made a purchase – Congratulations! So now what?

To avoid becoming the Pony Express, you need an order management and fulfillment system. A customized solution can notify at every step, allocate inventory for your best customers, and integrate how you pick, pack, and ship.

GRAYBOX has experience with a wide variety of solutions for order management, system integration, and shipping products to customers.

Pick, Pack, and Ship

GRAYBOX will help you select the system that’s right for your order fulfillment needs.

Ease of Process

Make employees’ jobs easier through efficiency, and customers happy through quick delivery.

Up-to-Date Inventory

Reduce on-hand inventory but keep purchasers in the loop to reduce overhead while anticipating needs.

Our Order Management Process


Confirm customer information and ensure order accuracy.


Queue the order and deliver it sensibly, whether physical or digital.


Keep your team and customers current on order status and completion.

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