Inventory Management & Controls

Better inventory controls mean better use of cash.

Keep things in check

What you sell is at the core of your business, but many companies have no systems to track how
much product they have, what their costs are to acquire, or how much profit they make on a

Inventory management and control tools provide businesses with the information they need to
effectively operate the day-to-day sales of the business. How much product is available to
sell? When do we need to order more product? How long did it take us to sell the last batch we

GRAYBOX has experience with a wide variety of solutions for inventory management, and can
help your business wrap their arms around the often sticky questions of managing inventory.

Just in Time

Eliminate over-ordering to free up cash, but analyze sales to add stock at just the right time.

Inventory Profitability

A sale doesn’t guarantee profit. Consider how long inventory sits to make informed decisions about your actual return on investment.

Reporting Visibility

Enjoy a complete and accurate picture of all inventory — out the door, in stock and on order.

Our Inventory Management Process


Keep track of all items for your business in one complete and accurate place.


Adjust inventory levels to make sure you always have enough and never too much.


Double down on high-value items, and say goodbye to what doesn’t add to the bottom line.

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