Business Reporting & Intelligence

Drive decisions with relevant data that’s easy to grasp and interpret.

Be In the Know

Business Intelligence Reporting is more than just the facts. Your business generates countless data points every day, and access to them isn’t enough.

Specialized tools consume large amounts of data and digest and distill it all to provide relevant metrics, visualizations and reports.

Channeling the right intelligence to your team lets managers see what promotions connect best, or where customers are most concentrated.

Whether opening a new location or weighing marketing efforts, you should have the clearest picture of where your business is today and where your market is headed.

The Right Tools

Many tools provide business intelligence (some better than others). GRAYBOX critically selects the right tools based on your systems, data structure, and reporting requirements.

Deeper Understanding

Business Intelligence provides meaningful answers to real questions. Showing you what’s happening is good, but showing you why is even better.

Actionable Information

Useful reporting offers actionable insights that help you make real-world business decisions.

Our Business Intelligence Process


Collect, combine, and consume data from the various relevant sources.


Interpret using tools that answer business questions, not create more confusion.


Benefit from information that provides direction, not just endless feedback.

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