Market Research

GRAYBOX guides you with insights from competitors and customers.

Meet your new friends

Your audience is the most important part of your business. Without at least potential customers, your business will have to settle for sympathetic friends and family.

With that question settled, you can still flounder by not reaching them the right way — or if your competitors are lightyears ahead in their tactics and insights.

You need to meet your audience, get to know the real them, and be friendlier than your rivals.

Personal Insights

Your customers aren’t hypothetical. GRAYBOX gives you real info on your demo’s desires and actions.

Competitive Advantages

You don’t want a level playing field. GRAYBOX research gives you the advantage in conversions by avoiding customer turn-offs.

Actionable Intel

This isn’t trivia. GRAYBOX research brings invaluable feedback about current and future decisions.

Our Market Research Process


Know who’s already interested so you can look for new areas of opportunity.


Understand your audience, their preferences, and their reactions to your decisions.


Get ahead of the competition with an informed strategy and personalized marketing.

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