Logo Design

Create your logo and complete visual style to empower every future element of design.

Your identity matters

Your logo is your signature, an ambassador and reminder of everything you want to mean to your audience.

It’s worth some serious attention. GRAYBOX takes everything into account: your future goals, style, market, and competitors.

Our talented team of diverse designers works with you to draw out the core values and benefits of your brand, crafting a logo and overall look that fit your mission.

We talk it out, draft, and iterate, perfecting every aspect until we uncover the logo you’ll love.

Start From Scratch

Don’t get lost in design dilemmas while launching a new business. Focus on operations while GRAYBOX crafts your look.

Modern Makeover

Real brand recognition is priceless, but GRAYBOX can modernize your image while preserving the past.

Comprehensive Quality

Beyond an icon, your logo naturally leads to a complete style guide so every element can play together.

Our Brand Identity Process


What’s unique about you? We get to know your company, characteristics, cares, and quirks


We craft a brand that can be applied to any piece of print collateral and reflects your vision and identity.


Bring your brand to life in any arena with artwork and messaging that reinforce each other to drive interest.

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