We know web applications. Regardless of the root technology, we build compelling, useful, and beautiful web applications that delight users and make administrators swoon.

Be More effective with Data-Driven Technical Architecture
  • Web Applications

    Web applications are about experience. What can I do on the site? How easy is it? What permissions does my account have? What happens if X happens? We help you plan, design, build, and maintain your cloud-based software.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile application development is rapidly evolving. For the best experiences we recommend building native Swift (iOS) and Java (Android) apps, but they are also multiple, unified frameworks that can speed up development time.

  • Machine Learning, AI and Automation

    Let’s save you some work. We can build autonomous systems that do routine office functions automatically, saving your and your staff work. Moreover, we can use AI and Machine Learning to tackle large data, find trends, do analysis and leverage your data in new and exciting ways.

  • Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality

    AR, VR and MR are here to stay – brands are trying to find ways to highlight their company or products in their new blended digital and real-world space. We help you jump into this new arena and build an experience that embodies your personality.

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"This project has been a milestone for us in that it depicts so clearly how new technology can positively impact operations for businesses like MGT. Moving from a desktop application to a cloud based application enables assessors to bring their laptops or iPads into the field and assess the school buildings on the spot. This has been a big improvement for assessors in terms of efficiency moving them from taking notes with pens and notepads into using their personal devices right there and then."

- Can Agaoglu, Director of Sites Practice, GRAYBOX

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