Working at GRAYBOX

Posted on Fri, December 20, 2013 in Web Design, by Alum

Working at GRAYBOX the last month has been a great adventure—and it’s only just getting started.

I used to be a classical musician—Now I’m a junior web developer

Before I started working at GrayBox, I worked as a classical musician teaching private lessons and playing gigs, as well as having other various jobs. I began learning about web development in early 2013, soaking up all I could. I took advantage of the internet and reading as many books as I could.

Learning on my own

I used various resources when I was self-teaching, completing, solving Euler Problems, and watching Team Treehouse videos to name a few. I also followed all the web developers I could find on twitter, read a lot of blogs and watched a whole lot of tutorials. I dabbled in various languages but found I really enjoyed solving problems using JavaScript.

So far I’ve done a bit of everything

I’ve styled a Tumblr blog, done various office tasks such as filing, creating word templates, and working on social media. I have become intimately familiar with a lot of programs and software that I’ve never used before like git, FTP, and Expression Engine. So far the most fun has been making changes to live sites and working with clients.

Working with a great group of people

I love being surrounded by a group of people who really understand the concepts of their work. I couldn’t ask for better resources. It also doesn’t hurt that they are a great people who work well together and really enjoy what they do.

Trust is a nice perk

Although I have tasks assigned to me, I’m steering my own ship. It’s really up to me how much I learn and how far I want to go. I keep track of my own time and can work from home—I’m even writing this post while listening to the rain outside my kitchen window.

More to come

I’m excited for what the future holds and learning a lot more about web development from GRAYBOX. It’s a great company who is willing to take a chance and give people the potential for a whole new future.

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