ExpressionEngine Conference Wrap-up

Posted on Wed, October 16, 2013 in Web Design, ExpressionEngine, GRAYBOX News, by Paul Weinert

The best part of being an ExpressionEngine developer (well, aside from working with the best CMS on the market) is being part of the EE community, and putting face to twitter handle was the highlight of this years ExpressionEngine conference. We had a chance to meet developers behind some of our favorite and most used add-ons, like Low (creator of Low Variables which we’re using on nearly every site), Adrian (of Exp-resso Store fame, or infamy on some of our off days) and many others. We were also happy to meet the EllisLabs team. Two days sitting around listening to lectures on caching and add-on development might not sound like your dream vacation but for myself and my co-worker Mark it’s just about the best place in the world to be. The lectures we were able to attend focused heavily on making fast, well executed ExpressionEngine sites of all sizes, knowledge that we’re now able to take back to our desks and apply to our client work almost instantly. For me personally, the big take away from the conference was that ExpressionEngine can do just about anything and do it at a scale beyond what I’d previously considered reasonable. Our fellow attendees were evidence of that, everything from one man shops, building out portfolio sites, to whole internal development teams working on multi-million dollar ecommerce sites seeing hundreds of thousands of visitors daily. I’d like to thank EllisLab for putting on this year’s conference, and especially for putting it on in the best place in the world, my home town of Portland, Oregon. We’ll have a few more posts on the way as we digest the information we gained this week and find ways to apply it in our own work.

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