SEO Tips for Position 0

Posted on Mon, June 25, 2018 in Digital Marketing by Can Agaoglu

Position 0 has become a hotly contested place in SERPs, but how do you get your page to rank there? With some organization of your content and our list of SEO tips for getting Position 0, we lay the groundwork for getting your page in the coveted spot.

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LinkedIn Advertising: Basics

Posted on Tue, June 12, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy by Can Agaoglu

LinkedIn advertising is a great way to reach a very targeted audience. It turns out that advertising on LinkedIn is also relatively straightforward, so we came up with a handy guide to help you!

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Microsoft Adds LinkedIn Data to Their Audience Network

Posted on Wed, June 06, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, eCommerce by Can Agaoglu

In a move that everyone has been waiting for, Microsoft added LinkedIn targeting to it's own Audience Network. Microsoft has also added three demographics to Bing AdWords to further refine targeting abilities of advertisers. What does this mean for the digital advertising space?

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Using Instagram for ecommerce

Posted on Thu, May 31, 2018 in Digital Marketing, eCommerce by Can Agaoglu

Social media integrations with ecommerce stores have been getting better and better over time and Instagram is starting to show signs that it might be one of, if not the most viable way to sell directly through your ecommerce store on a social platform. User engagement, combined with seamless product tagging and stylized product images allow engaged Instagram users the ability to effortlessly shop on your store.

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GDPR: How it Could Effect your Ecommerce Store

Posted on Thu, May 24, 2018 in Web Development, Digital Marketing, eCommerce by Can Agaoglu

Everyone is talking about GDPR and what it might mean for the internet, but what, specifically does GDPR mean for your ecommerce store? How can you make sure you are GDPR compliant in the off chance someone from the EU orders from your website? We get into some of the specifics of the GDPR policy and what it means for ecommerce stores in this article.

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2017 Digital Marketing Trends Round Up

Posted on Thu, December 07, 2017 in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, User Experience, Digital Design by Can Agaoglu

These five main marketing innovation trends of 2017 seem to be not just fleeting, but truly here to stay.

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Shopify Advanced or Shopify Plus, Which Platform Fits Your Needs?

Posted on Fri, November 03, 2017 in Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce, Shopify by Can Agaoglu

To help businesses decide on which Shopify platform is right for them, we've written an in-depth comparison between Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus.

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GRAYBOX Recognized For Corporate Philanthropy Contributions

Posted on Tue, October 10, 2017 in GRAYBOX News by Can Agaoglu

Portland Business Journal recently named us on their Coprorate Philanthropists list as recognition of the work we've done supporting nonprofits and giving back to the community.

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Facebook UX Changes and a Starter File For The New Circular Avatar

Posted on Thu, September 07, 2017 in Digital Marketing, User Experience, Digital Design by Can Agaoglu

Facebook rolled out several small design changes to their interface – what does it mean for your business page?

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What’s It Like Working as a UX Designer at an Agency vs In-House?

Posted on Fri, August 25, 2017 in Web Design, User Experience, Digital Design by Can Agaoglu

Event recap - ​Earlier this summer, American Marketing Association Portland (AMA PDX) hosted Moda Health’s UX Strategy and Design Director, Ed Stojakovic, to give a summary talk covering the differences between working as a UX Designer at an agency vs an in-house corporate setting.

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