4 Reasons to Design Simply

Posted on Mon, October 21, 2013 in Web Design, eCommerce, by Jason Bennett

Over the past few years there has been a shift in web design trends from the gradients and bevels of “Web 2.0” to a simplified, flat look. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have made flat design ubiquitous with the release of their latest operating systems and software. The explosion of smartphone and tablet usage is the key driver of this return to simple design. Here’s a few reasons to take advantage of this design trend.

Reduce Noise

We use our phones for a countless number of reasons every day. We make phone calls, send text messages, check email, and surf our favorite websites. We’re connected to the internet almost every moment of our lives and we’re processing information constantly. Reducing clutter in your website design can simply help create a more calming, enjoyable experience for your users.

Push content forward

In this day and age, mobile phones and tablets are how people are choosing to consume information. Your phone is capable of doing simple things very quickly and easily. We solve issues multiple times a day by Googling a topic on our phone, and we aren’t interested in exploring, we just want the information. Pushing important content forward, and reducing distractions is a great way to help users get the information they want, or get them to perform the action you want.

Increase Speed

A key component to a successful user experience is the speed of your website. Chances are, your home internet is probably much faster than the internet you use on your smartphone. Simplifying design tosses out unnecessarily large images, cutting load time dramatically, and a few kilobytes of information can be the difference between a website visitor making a purchase or backing out and heading to your competitor’s site.

Make Users Comfortable

The last thing to keep in mind is that users are comforted by familiarity. As people become more familiar with their touch devices, they also become more willing to explore how a site works. No longer does a button need to pop off the page with a heavy bevel. A toggle switch doesn’t need to look realistic for a user to make a connection with what the switch does. Users like to swipe and pinch. This familiarity allows designers to remove some of these bevels and shadows to create a more calming experience, and in turn design sites that push more focus on content and action.

Design trends come and go, but simplification in design will always be a goal. When you design your next site remember to keep it simple!

Jason Bennett Creative Director

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