Email Marketing for Ecommerce Websites

Posted on Wed, March 30, 2016 in Digital Marketing, eCommerce by Alum

Don’t believe the haters: email marketing still works. And nothing works quite as well as ecommerce email marketing! It is a revenue faucet; turn that spigot on for revenue on demand.

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Why Use Marketing Automation?

Posted on Tue, December 29, 2015 in Digital Marketing, Business Operations, Analytics & Reporting by Alum

We can define marketing automation as ‘an interconnected system of people, software, strategy, and tactics to replace manual, repetitive or inefficient marketing tasks & processes, the goal of which is to interact with prospects in a personalized, scalable, and profitable manner.

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Developing Child Themes For Woo Canvas for WordPress

Posted on Mon, April 20, 2015 in Web Development by Alum

When developing in WordPress there are many different ways to accomplish the functionality and design that you are looking for. With the ability of having many ways to accomplish the goal there also comes many unreliable ways that just may not be able to stand the test of time.

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The SupercalifragiLISTic Resource List

Posted on Wed, March 04, 2015 in Digital Marketing by Alum

The list to end all internet marketing lists. A compilation of the best of the best. Here are 2875 tips, tricks, and more.

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Developing With Vagrant

Posted on Wed, February 25, 2015 in Web Development by Alum

I’ve used excellent software like WAMP and MAMP in my local development environment for years. These tools are simple to setup, easy to use, and are excellent for personal programming; but issues arise when you use a distributed development workflow, deploy to servers, or have to cope with operating system level library requirements. And let’s not forget those acronyms leave out some important players like postgres, nginx, or rails! I consider Vagrant as the pilot for my virtual machines. But for a typical developer, Vagrant ends up being just a few configuration files that you store in...

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Developing with Bower

Posted on Tue, February 03, 2015 in Web Development by Alum

Bower is the self proclaimed Package Manager for the Web. Let’s say you’re building your web application and you need jQuery and Bootstrap. What do you do to get those packages?

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A Digital New Year’s Resolution

Posted on Wed, December 31, 2014 in Web Development by Alum

It’s that time of year where many of us reflect on the past and consider the future. As a ​developer, I find myself tackling projects using the same tools and programming languages I always use because I am comfortable with them. But this is no way to stay abreast of all the changes happening in technology around me.

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On “Content”

Posted on Mon, August 18, 2014 in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy by Alum

When did writing become “content”? I was in journalism school in 1998-99, and it seems to me that it was some time after that. In school we talked about the content of a piece, but did not refer to a piece as content per se. It seems like content as a stand-alone term is a fairly new in our media world, and it seems to have become an indispensable term since media went digital.

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Three Useful CSS3 Features You Should Know

Posted on Mon, June 30, 2014 in Web Development by Alum

Positioning elements in a fluid and responsive manner can be tricky business. In this post we'll go over three CSS components that help make positioning elements a breeze.

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The Puzzle of Technology

Posted on Fri, June 27, 2014 in by Alum

Working with technology is similar to working on a puzzle. I know what you’re thinking, Puzzles, fun! I love finding edge pieces, and corners, don’t get me started on corners! What makes technology a bit more complex, however, is that it’s more like a puzzle with no edge pieces.

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