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GRAYBOX is looking for a Producer who has proven experience leading teams and consulting engagements to join our team.

Join The GRAYBOX Team

GRAYBOX is looking for a Producer who has proven experience leading teams and consulting engagements to join our team.

Producers act like mini-ceo’s for their projects, and their #1 priority is to be the advocate for our customers as a part of an overall consultative process.


  • Builders: You grew from either a design or engineering background to become a product owner, or team leader.
  • Consultants: Knowing when and how to inform, educate, and corral our customer expectations. An expert at distilling and harnessing a customer’s vision.
  • Product Oriented: Diving into wireframe reviews, and providing decisive on-the-fly leadership to our customers, and internal teams.
  • Leaders: You feel at home running sprint planning sessions and retrospectives, communicate estimates to customers, mentor designers and developers, and provide upward visibility to executive sponsors.
  • Self-driven learners: “I can’t” and “I don’t know” aren’t in your lexicon. You have been the catch-all expected to “find out”, and be the hub for all knowledge for our customers and their projects.
  • Experienced: You’ve been a product owner, consultant, and have successfully lead software development projects.


  • Our Producers partner with our customers to build them what they need, not just providing them with what they want.
  • Our Production teams have a lot of autonomy. There isn't just "the one way" to do things. Each of our partners has distinct goals and success criteria - together with the production staff, Producers design and realize a bespoke solution for our customers.
  • You will assemble and work with small teams of experts from our Strategy, Design, and Engineering team to realize our Customer’s vision.
  • Our customers partner with us because we care about building great experience. Your hard work will not go unnoticed, or be buried in bureaucracy.
  • We have progressive benefits and a bonus package.
  • Product: Running requirements gathering sessions, driving governance and decision making, performing horizontal and vertical competitive research.
  • Consulting: Guiding customers and partners through the entire production process from kickoff to launch.
  • Harnessing the Vision: Distilling ideas, thoughts, and vision into actionable tasks and goals - using wireframes and written documentation (user stories) to communicate your vision.
  • Development: Shepherding the customer through the agile development process, including running planning, standups, retros where appropriate.


  • Competitive Salary + Participation in Regular Bonuses upon Completion of Performance Metrics
  • Partially Paid Health and Dental Insurance
  • 10 Days PTO
  • 10 Days Holiday
  • $1,000 / Year Education Budget (books, conferences, etc)
  • Retirement 401(K) with 4% employer match


Position is onsite in our awesome inner SE Portland office.


Send us your resume and a cover letter to Please include some portfolio like assets to show us your product thinking. Specifically:

  • User Stories or specifications you’ve written
  • Policies you’ve developed and lead relevant to the software development lifecycle
  • Wireframes (or live sites) of products you’ve delivered

If you’re unable to share the above due to confidentiality concerns, then please include an analysis of a popular piece of software, and a short proposal on how to improve it. Your proposal should be no more than 2 pages, but should describe the “how” and “why” of your proposed solution. Some Ideas, but please contribute your own:

  • Github - Adding a burndown feature
  • Trello - Adding SMS Notifications

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