Our Commitment to Quality

Your reputation is our reputation

Because your reputation is our reputation, we have standard quality assurance (QA) processes that we continuously apply to all of our work.

In consequence of the exponentially evolutive nature of our industry, we keep ourselves one step ahead by monitoring application & site data and statistics, acquiring the latest technology and adapting our testing to your business.

Moreover, since we believe that so monitoring is crucial, we made it an automatic process wherever possible.

Using complex tools, we expanded our QA to a constant monitoring process. We provide suites of automated testing tailored to your needs that will physically mimic real time users that visits on your website, login in their accounts, change their passwords, even add products to their carts. If something is inconsistent we will find out.

Beyond just automatic testing, we also run many other types of tests, assessments and compliance audits. See the full list on the right.

  • Functional
    • Site QA audit
    • Exploratory testing
    • Smoke testing: (quick and dirty compared to Regression)
    • Regression testing: (Holistic compare to Smoke)
    • Browser & Device Compatibility Testing
  • Performance
    • Site Speed Testing
    • Load testing
    • Penetration Testing
    • PCI Compliance Testing
    • HIPAA Compliance Testing
    • ADA Compliance Testing
    • Infrastructure Validation / Testing
  • Automated
    • Unit Testing
    • Selenium automated script setup
    • Selenium automated script Monitoring
    • API Testing
  • Content
    • Copyediting
    • Multi Language Testing
  • Style guide
    • Adherence to Visual and Content Styles
  • Marketing
    • SEO Audit

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